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Accrochage – Recent acquisitions and selected works from the gallery

Pierre Soulages, ohne Titel (A 32)

Pierre Soulages

ohne Titel (A 32)

Gouache auf Papier auf Leinwand 1977

110 x 75 cm



Joan Miró

(Montroig 1893–1983 Palma de Mallorca)

Works on paper and selected prints

Joan Miró, Dupin 18

Joan Miró

"Femme et chien devant la lune" (Frau und Hund vor dem Mond)

colour pochoir 1935

Dupin 18


Joan Miró, "Composition"

Joan Miró


Mixed media on paper 15.9.1979

17 x 36,5 cm

Joan Miró, "Composition"

Joan Miró


Mixed media on paper 20.9.1979

17 x 36 cm

Here you can find a small selection out of the exhibition:

Joan Miró, "Couple sous la lune"

Joan Miró

"Couple sous la lune"

Mixed media on paper 1949

25 x 32 cm

Joan Miró, "Els gossos" (The dogs)

Joan Miró

"Els gossos" (The dogs)

colour etching 1978


Max Ackermann

(Berlin 1887–1975 Unterlengenhardt)


Max Ackermann, "Spiel um Achse"

Max Ackermann

"Spiel um Achse"

Öl und Tempera auf Karton 1948, 72 x 32 cm



art contemporary on and of paper


Max Ackermann, Hubert Berke, Albert Bitran, Francis Bott, Antoni Clavé, Eduardo Chillida, Karl Fred Dahmen, Igor Ganikowski, Hans Hartung, Horst Egon Kalinowski, Henning Kürschner, Volker Lehnert, Lusici, Eugen Wilfried Müller, Hanns Pastor, Andreas Rein, Riera i Aragó, Gérard Schneider, Bernard Schultze, Pierre Soulages, Ferdinand Springer, Walter Stöhrer, Antoni Tàpies, Peter Tomschiczek, Wolfgang Troschke, Rolf Urban, Jan Voss, Franziskus Wendels


Karl Fred Dahmen

(Stolberg 1917–1981 Preinersdorf)

Works from the 1970s

Paintings, Boxes, Etchings

Karl Fred Dahmen, "Objektkasten mit Maske"

Karl Fred Dahmen

"Objektkasten mit Maske"

wooden box with objects 1972

86 x 45 cm

Karl Fred Dahmen, "Montagebild II  - Mit dunklem Korsett"

Karl Fred Dahmen

"Montagebild II – Mit dunklem Korsett"

mixed media 1965

120 x 105 cm

Weber 019.65 - B 0075


Karl Fred Dahmen died prematurely in 1981 as a result of a tumour. With his death, post-war art in Germany lost a distinctive personality, and the Academy of Art in Munich mourned the loss of one if its best professors. Four years later, Georg-W. Költzsch presented a comprehensive retrospective exhibition of the artist’s work at the Moderne Galerie of the Saarland-Museum in Saarbrücken.

On the occasion of a memorial exhibition in honour of his 70th birthday in the Städtische Galerie in Rosenheim, the Süddeutsche Zeitung wrote on 9 January 1988:

„This retrospective proves that the work of Karl Fred Dahmen continues to be both powerful and contemporary. In his creative reaction to the environment with its idiosyncrasies and demands, Dahmen is perhaps today even more relevant than during his own lifetime."

In 1993, the Galerie Boisserée presented its first one-man exhibition of the works of Karl Fred Dahmen. One year later, Boisserée presented a one-man exhibition of the artist’s works at the ART Cologne 1994, followed by a further one-man exhibition in 1997 in honour of the artist’s 80th birthday. All three exhibitions contributed to the intensive discussion of the work of this artist in the Rhineland. The exhibition „Karl Fred Dahmen – Works from the 1970s" was first presented from 25 September–7 November 1999 in the former imperial abbey in Aachen-Kornelimünster.

After Karl Otto Götz, Hann Trier and Winfried Gaul, Karl Fred Dahmen was the fourth great North Rhine-Westphalian artist of the „first generation", to which the state institution „Art from North Rhine-Westphalia – Special Acquisitions since 1945" dedicated a one-man exhibition. These four artists are forever associated with the stylistic movement „Informel", which marked the beginning of a new, independent development in the young Land of North Rhine-Westphalia.

The exhibition as conceived for Cologne includes a selection from the museum presentation in Aachen-Kornelimünster and introduces the hitherto largely unknown late work of the artist. The catalogue and poster were both conceived and designed in co-operation with the state institution.