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Accrochage – "artist of the gallery"

paintings, drawings and prints

Fernand Léger, "La vachère"

Fernand Léger

"La vachère"

colour lithograph 1954

65,3 x 50,7 cm, image 48,5 x 38,5 cm

Saphire 133


29.10.2003–02.11.2003 ART Cologne 2003

and 07.11.2003–29.11.2003 Galerie Boisserée

Karl Fred Dahmen

(Stolberg 1917–1981 Preinersdorf)

one-man-show in order to celebrate the publication of the catalogue raisonné

Karl Fred Dahmen, ohne Titel

Karl Fred Dahmen

ohne Titel

Mixed-media on canvas 1961

125,5 x 80 cm,

Weber 003.61 - B 0385


In addition to the current exhibition the recently published catalogue raisonné will be presented to the public:

Karl Fred Dahmen (Stolberg 1917 - 1981 Preinersdorf) is next to Emil Schumacher and Gerhard Hoehme the most important artist of Deutsches Informel.

The just published catalogue raisonné compiles on 1.192 pages the complete oeuvre of 1.637 works of art of one of the most influential and renowned German artists after 1945. Next to informellen works of the fifties and sixties the Objektkästen and Materialbilder of the sixties and seventies are presented as well as the Furchenbilder of the later years. For several years, the author, Thomas Weber, has compiled all relevant data on Dahmen available so far – with most of the german-speaking publications on the artist out of print, this two-volume catalogue provides an enormous help and stimulus for collectors, museum-directors, auctioneers and art-dealers as well as the ordinary friend and admirer of Karl Fred Dahmen´s oeuvre, opening up new views and perspectives on the creativity and versatility of this most impressive artist.

1.192 pages with 1.100 coloured and 495 black & white illustrations
size 24 x 31 cm, 2 volumes in a cloth slip case
compilation of the text and image data: Thomas Weber (Galerie Boisserée)
concept and lay-out: Johannes Schilling und Thomas Weber (Galerie Boisserée)
introduction: Dr. Tayfun Belgin (Kunsthalle Krems, Austria)
co-editor: Volker Dahmen
published by Buchhandlung Walther König, Köln
sponsored by Stiftung Kulturfond (VG Bild-Kunst) and Stiftung für Kunst und Kultur of North-Rhine-Westphalia

Subscription-fee: until 01.01.2004 Euro 280 (by mail-order plus charge for delivery)

After 01.01.04 Euro 340 (by mail-order plus charge for delivery)

Any order of the catalogue raisonné we will accept with pleasure via e-mail or by phone or fax:

galerie@boisseree.com / Tel. +49-(0)221-2578519 / Fax:+49 (0) 221-257 85 50

Karl Fred Dahmen, ohne Titel

Karl Fred Dahmen

ohne Titel

collage on cardboard 1962, 109 x 73,5 cm

Weber 055.62 - B 0521


Karl Fred Dahmen, "Montagebild II  - Mit dunklem Korsett"

Karl Fred Dahmen

"Montagebild II - Mit dunklem Korsett"

Mixed-media on canvas 1965, 120 x 105 cm

Weber 019.65 - B 0075


Karl Fred Dahmen, ohne Titel

Karl Fred Dahmen

ohne Titel

Collage 1965

60,5 x 47 cm

Weber 043.65 - B 0392


Karl Fred Dahmen, "Marter I"

Karl Fred Dahmen

"Marter I"

Mixed-media 1972

96 x 59,7 cm

Weber 023.72 - K 051b


Karl Fred Dahmen, "Kalendertage Chiemgau"

Karl Fred Dahmen

"Kalendertage Chiemgau"

Collage and drawing on cardboard 1975

119,9 x 83,6 cm, Abb. 109 x 75,5 cm

Weber 045.75 - B 2092



Ernst Mollenhauer

(Tapiau 1892–1963 Düsseldorf)

Ernst Mollenhauer, Leuchtturm am Meer

Ernst Mollenhauer

Leuchtturm am Meer

oil on canvas 1961/62

65,5 x 80 cm


The exhibition is accompanied by a small catalogue
(price Euro 5/without shipment).

Ernst Mollenhauer, Erntefeld vor Keitum/Sylt

Ernst Mollenhauer

Erntefeld vor Keitum/Sylt

oil on paper 1958

53 x 69,3 cm



Accrochage – "artist of the gallery"

paintings, drawings and prints


Emil Schumacher

(Hagen 1912–1999 Ibiza)

"works on paper and etchings"

Emil Schumacher, "GB-20/1998"

Emil Schumacher


gouache on paper 1998


Emil Schumacher, "4/1991" aus Serie "Space"

Emil Schumacher

"4/1991" from "Space"

etching 1991

50 x 65 cm

Emil Schumacher, "2/1983"

Emil Schumacher


etching 1983

65 x 80,3 cm


Rolf Urban

(born 1958 in Bretten)

"Parallelverschiebung" – works from the last years

Rolf Urban, ohne Titel

Rolf Urban

without title

oil on wood 2002

à 70 x 50 cm

The exhibition is accompanied by a fully illustrated catalogue
(88 pages, 34 coloured and 21 black and white illustrations)
(price Euro 20/without shipment).


Accrochage – "artist of the gallery"

paintings, drawings and prints

Basement der Galerie mit Arbeiten von Wolfgang Troschke, Franziskus Wendels und Andy Warhol

Basement of the gallery with works of Wolfgang Troschke, Franziskus Wendels and Andy Warhol


Participation Kunst Messe Köln

34. Westdeutsche Kunst Messe