Expositions précédentes




Neuankäufe und ausgewählte Exponate aus dem Bestand der Galerie

Maurice Estève, "Abstrakte Komposition"

Maurice Estève

"Abstract Composition"

watercolour 1964

52,2 x 69 cm


Teilnahme an der KUNST 99 ZÜRICH

Franziskus Wendels

(geb. 1960 in Daun)

one-man-show Franziskus Wendels

Franziskus Wendels, "South-Southwest"

Franziskus Wendels


mixed media on canvas 1998

2 panels, each 150 x 120 cm


Wolfgang Troschke

(born in 1947 in Helmarshausen)

New Works on Paper and Canvas

Wolfgang Troschke, Untitled

Wolfgang Troschke


acrylic on canvas 1999

220 x 140 cm


Georges Braque

(Argenteuil 1882–1963 Paris)

Georges Braque als Peintre-Graveur

85 ausgewählte Arbeiten aus seinem graphischen Œuvre

Georges Braque, "L´oiseau et son ombre II"

Georges Braque

"L´oiseau et son ombre II"

Georges Braque as peintre-graveur

85 selected prints


Antoni Clavé, Antoni Tàpies und Riera i Aragó

(born in Barcelona in 1913, 1923 and 1954 respectively)

"Born in Barcelona" – three Catalan artists


Ernst Mollenhauer

(Tapiau 1892–1963 Düsseldorf)

an Expressionist from East Prussia

A catalogue with 36 pages and 22 colour illustrations accompanied the exhibition.

Ernst Mollenhauer, "Strand mit Leuchtturm" (Beach with Lighthouse)

Ernst Mollenhauer

"Strand mit Leuchtturm" (Beach with Lighthouse)

oil on paper 1960

48 x 61 cm


Andreas Rein

(born in 1955 in Cologne)

works on paper and canvas from 1998

Rolf Urban

(born in 1958 in Brettfr/Baden)

new works on paper and wood

The exhibition Rolf Urban was accompanied by a catalogue with the title „Ortsverzeichnis" (10 black-and-white and 16 colour illustrations, 48 pages; price DM 20). The exhibition Andreas Rein was accompanied by two colour etching editions.