Previous Exhibitions



Participation in the ART COLOGNE 1997

Karl Fred Dahmen

(Stolberg 1917–1981 Preinersdorf)


Karl Fred Dahmen, "Tellurische Figur" (Tellurium Figures)

Karl Fred Dahmen

"Tellurische Figur" (Tellurium Figures)

mixed media on canvas 1961

120 x 100 cm


200 Years of Lithography

– the lithograph in the art of the 20th century

Joan Miró, "Personajes sobre fondo negro"

Joan Miró

"Personajes sobre fondo negro"

colour lithograph 1948

Mourlot 90

The exhibition was accompanied by a catalogue with 60 pages and 27 colour illustrations, with texts by Prof. Dr. Walter Koschatsky (Director ret. of the Albertina, Vienna), Dr. Jörg Becker (Museum Goch) and Thomas Weber (Galerie Boisserée) [price DM 20]. In the catalogue, the history of the development of the lithograph is described in detail and presented chronologically with 28 black-and-white illustrations.


Albert Bitran

(born in 1929 in Istanbul)

– works on canvas and paper

Reinhard G. Puch

(born in 1947 in Hörstel/Westphalia)

– iron sculptures

Albert Bitran, "Personajes sobre fondo negro"

Albert Bitran

"Traversée du rouge"

oil on canvas 1987

195 x 130 cm


Hanns Pastor

(born in 1917 in Jülich)

– retrospective on the occasion of the 80th birthday of the artist Hanns Pastor


James Coignard

(born in 1925 in Tours)

– the early works of the 1960s and ‘70s

– paintings and carborundum etchings

Exhibition in Schloss Gracht, Erftstadt, in co-operation with the University Seminar of the German Economy (USW).

26. 04.1997–10.05.1997

Participation in the ART Frankfurt 1997

Franziskus Wendels

(born in 1960 in Daun)

– one-man-show


Volker Lehnert

(born in 1956 in Saarbrücken)

– new works

The exhibition was accompanied by a catalogue with 30 (mostly colour) illustrations.


Participation in the Westdeutsche Kunstmesse, Cologne


Emil Schumacher

(born in 1912 in Hagen)

the etchings of Emil Schumacher

homage to his graphic work on the occasion of the 85th birthday of the artist

Emil Schumacher, "5/1991" aus "Space"

Emil Schumacher

"5/1991" from "Space"

colour aquatint etching 1991

cat. Locarno 1994, Seite 458



(born in 1949 in El Ferrol, Spain)

– Pensamientos (Thoughts)

recent object-paintings

A catalogue with 14 colour illustrations accompanied the exhibition.